Tahrirplein in Cairo opnieuw bezet door demonstranten

Na een gewelddadige poging door veiligheidstroepen om demonstranten te verdrijven van het Tahrirplein vallen er 11 doden. Hierop heeft de bevolking opnieuw het plein bezet.

A stalemate has settled over the Egyptian capital’s Tahrir Square following a day of deadly clashes between security forces and protesters that has left at least 11 people dead and hundreds injured.

Al Jazeera’s security team in the Egyptian capital reported that sources in the city’s morgue said they had received the bodies of 11 people killed when military and police forces made their assault on Tahrir Square.The square, which has been the scene of street battles between riot police and activists demanding an end to Egypt’s military leadership, was relatively calm on Sunday night after protesters regained control of the area and began calling for reinforcements.

Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros, reporting from Cairo: “It is clear [the protesters] won’t leave and they are very much trying to keep police from re-entering the square.

“There is concern that the military government has hijacked their revolution and [the country] has swapped one regime for another regime, and they want an end to that.”

Tadros estimated as many as 3,000 protesters had returned to the square just hours after being dispersed earlier in the day by riot police firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

She said all police and security forces had retreated from the square to side streets in the surrounding the area.

Protesters regroup
Despite the harsh crackdown, demonstrators were regrouping in the square as the night continued.
Many were seen clutching gas masks, apparently anticipating further clashes with security forces in the hours, or days, to come.

Earlier, police had fired rubber bullets and forcibly cleared the area in an assault that sparked panic among the estimated 5,000 protesters.Meanwhile, witnesses said skirmishes continued to erupt in the alleyways and side streets of Tahrir under the dense fog of tear gas.

The lull in violence in the main square came after police armed with batons and shields charged into the front lines of protesters who had been blockading the entrances to the square since Saturday.

A short time after the offensive, a surge of protesters returned to the square, overwhelming security forces and retaking the area.

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