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Ramadan Hussein uit Gaza

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We have electricity for 4 hours so I thought to write to you about the new trauma f today. While my brothers, one of my brothers in law and I were on the roof of our house trying to get some of the sun that we haven’t seen for the last two days, Israeli aircrafts of all kinds turned the sky into a big black cloud with horrible bombing sounds that shacked the whole house. The sun was not there anymore and I could not hear the screams of the little children.
I did not know what was going on except for the shouting and screaming around me. It was raining dust with a buzzing sound in my ears. The cup of coffee I had in my hand was on the ground and the others were panicked and went running downstairs. I had to look for Mahmoud my little son who I could see but I could not reach. He escaped into a crack in the wall. All of this happened while I did not know what was going on. This happened in 5 minutes which seemed as ages. Finally, I could reach Mahmoud and went safely downstairs to start hearing the news. 5 of my neighbors were killed in the attack. 4 of my friend’s relatives are lost and many are injured. Mohammed, my oldest son has his midterm math exam tomorrow, but he refuses to study as he thinks there would not be an exam because the school might be attacked. My brother who works as a nurse in Al Shifa hospital is still working and could not come home yet. I don’t know what to do, as my ears are still buzzing and my eyes are still blurry. I can not leave the house because my children are afraid, but I need to go to the morning houses to pay my respects. Any ways this is on trauma of the ones we used to have in our lives.

The latest news (more than 200 killed and around 400 injured)

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