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Chinese heerser over de Profeet (vzmh)

Een mooi stukje geschiedenis is boven water gekomen: Een gedicht van de eerste heerser van de Ming dynastie, Zhu Yuanzhang, over de Profeet Muhammed (vzmh). Weet iemand hier meer over te vertellen?

Zie de vertaling hieronder

Since Creation of Universe
Heaven has already appointed,
Faith Preaching Giant Saint,
From West He’s Born,
To receive Holy Scripture,
With thirty part Book,
To guide all creations,
King of all Kings,
Leader of Holy Ones,
With Support from Divine,
To Protect His Nation,
With five daily prayers,
Silently hope for peace,
With heart toward Allah,
Empower the poor ones,
Save them from calamity,
See through the Unseen,
Pulling souls and spirits,
Away from all wrongdoings,
Mercy to the World,
Walking ancient Crowned Path,
Evil vanquished to One,
Religion Pure and True,
The Noble High One.

Update 16-10 16:00

De schrijver van het gedicht, Admiraal Chang Ho, schijnt moslim te zijn. Dr Zafar Shah zegt er het volgende over:

During the Ming Dynasty 1368 AD-1644 AD, Islam flourished because its first emperor Chu Hoong-vu was believed to be a Muslim himself. There are several distinguish features to support this claim such as:
1.His empress was a well known Muslim as stated in the Chinese history;
2.All his daily food and drinks were under strict supervision and scrutinized by the empress herself. In other words, he ate only halal meals;
3.He wrote a ‘One Hundred Words Praise’ poem in Chinese to honour the Prophet. He was the first and only emperor in China to have written such an inscription while the calligraphy of the poem was carved on a wooden board carefully preserved in the Nanking Masjid until now; and he entrusted the life of his son to a Muslim warrior Cheng Ho.
4.He assigned that young Muslim soldier, Muhammad Cheng Ho to protect his prince, the heir to his throne. When this prince succeeded him to be the second Ming emperor, he promoted this faithful bodyguard to the rank of Admiral and sent him set to the sacred land Makkah and south east Asia for seven times.
5.Each time Admiral Cheng Ho led a fleet of about one hundred ocean-bond vessels carrying more than twenty-five thousand soldiers and sailors. Its flagship alone was fifty feet wide, four hundred feet long weighing one thousand five hundred tons. (This fleet when estimated at that time is comparable with the Seventh Fleet of the United States of America at present).
6. But the Chinese historians named him as ‘Eunuch Sam Poh’ sarcastically or may be mistakenly due to the fact that he was circumcised during childhood, and others take for granted that he was castrated. He joined the army and at last became the famous ‘Admiral Cheng Ho’. He took charge of the greatest expedition of that era, sailed half way round the world to as far as the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa eighty years before Columbus accidentally discovered America. (bron)

De oprichter. Geboren, getogen en woonachtig in die mooie stad achter de duinen. Altijd klaar voor een revolutie of gewoon een kopje thee. Typisch Faisal...

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