Declaration to the Syrian people

Gisteren verscheen op Facebook een verklaring gericht tot het Syrische volk van Haitham Maleh, een vooraanstaande mensenrechtenadvocaat uit Syrie.


Declaration to the Syrian people
The regime has recently stepped up its repressive practices against the Syrian people and its peaceful uprising of the youth, thirsty for freedom, justice and democracy.
And while the Syrian people were waiting for the release of all Syrian detainees, for which the families were holding a civilized, peaceful and legal appeal in front of the Ministry of Interior, last Wednesday 16-03-2011, demanding the release of their sons, brothers and husbands, the security forces from various branches acted barbarically. They molested women, youth, children and the middle aged, and they arrested more than 32 of them, who were directly charged with weakening the morale of the nation.
On Friday 18/3 after the Friday prayer the protesting youth was suppressed in the Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, violating the sanctity and sacredness of the mosque, and arrested ten of them, knowing that the French colonial authorities did not dare to violate the mosques!
On the same day the security forces carried out a terrible massacre against the inhabitants and youth of the city of Dara’a, spoiling the blood of its citizens and killing four of its peaceful youth, calling for peaceful demands and civilized reforms, and hundreds were wounded, and a number of them were abducted.
Protests have continued in the following days, in which the regime killed another youth, as a child died as a result of inhaling toxic gases, and the Omari Mosque is still filled with hundreds of wounded. And the regime has abducted dozens of children from the brave city of Dara’a and put them in prison. The fate of many of them is still unknown.
And while we ask for mercy for the pious martyrs, and comfort their families, we consider them martyrs with Allah, when they raised their voices high with the word of truth towards an unjust ruler.    
What the security forces were doing, and still are doing, when they’re pursuing and arresting the youth in different Syrian cities, is contrary to the most basic principles of human rights and is incompatible with the fundamental principles of international treaties and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is signed by the Syrian government.
We consider the demands of the peaceful youth to be their right under the umbrella of the constitution and general law, so we warn the regime from persisting in the use of violence against peaceful citizens and the defenceless people, and ask the state to form an independent judicial commission consisting of some jurists of civil society and human rights groups, to unveil those who spoiled the blood of the citizens of the city of Dara’a, and to give them a just judicial procedure, so that they’ll get the punishment that they deserve.
We emphasize the necessity for the regime to quicken the immediate necessary reforms, of which the first is the lifting of the state of emergency, the release of all the political prisoners, provision of public freedoms, leading to political pluralism, the fight against economic corruption, and of living, before it’s too late, and before the youth will escalate to the top of their legitimate demands, and none of the reformers can stand in front of their legitimate aspirations. 
We only want the reform that we can have. Have we conveyed the message? God, be my witness.
Damascus, 22/03/2011
Haitham Maleh (lawyer)
shaykh Jawdat Sa’id
shaykh Mouaz al-Khatib al-Hasani
Ghassaan al-Najjaar
Da’d Musa (lawyer)
dr. Muhammad al-‘Ammaar
dr. Yasir al-‘Aiti

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