Here it is: “Happy Dutch Muslims!”

After several cities had made their own version of the ‘Happy’ video by Pharrell, a number of British Muslims decided to make one of their own, containing all kinds of British Muslims. Our community is as ethnically diverse as the British Muslim community, and we wanted to show this to the world as well. Our “Happy” video is a response to the text running below the British version. It said: “Global ummah, where are you? We’ve set the ball rollin’! Show us you’re happy!”

Many folks were enthusiastic. We received near to a hundred requests to participate through our blogging platform Wij Blijven Hier!(Here to Stay!) and the other participating organisations of the Moslim Omroep (Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Association), Al Nisa (Dutch Muslim Women’s Organisation) and the Fahm Institute. After two busy yet successful afternoons of filming, filled with laughter and joy, we even had to add another day of filming because more people wanted to be part of the video.

There were, however, also people that wondered why we felt that we had to make such a video. We understand that. As we mentioned before: the Dutch Muslim community is diverse and not everyone has to support this video. In fact, not everyone at Wij Blijven Hier! wholeheartedly supports the idea, because, like the wider Muslim society, our blogging platform also consists of a diverse group of Muslims.

However, to answer your question. Here is why we felt we had to make this video:

Wij Blijven Hier! was originally created to amplify the voice of the average Muslim living in the Netherlands. The “Happy” video does precisely that. Obviously we did not manage to include every Dutch Muslim in the video (sorry about that), but it does paint a good picture of the diversity that the Netherlands can pride itself on.

So why did Wij Blijven Hier! participate? It is simple: not because we had something to prove, but because we want to show you that, worldwide, the Happiest Muslims are in deed Dutch Muslims.”

Wij Blijven Hier werd in 2005 opgericht, omdat ze vonden dat ze er nog niet waren. Inmiddels zijn ze 3000 bijdragen rijker, die vrijwillig door beginnende én gearriveerde verhalenvertellers worden geschreven. Verschillend van columns, persoonlijke ervaringen tot verborgen nieuwsfeitjes. Ze kijken op hun eigen manier tegen de wereld aan, en vertellen zélf het verhaal. Wie zijn ze? Kijk om u heen. Want ze zijn hier. Zij Blijven Hier!